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Best DIY Greenhouse Projects

A well-made greenhouse is at the top of every avid gardener’s list of priorities. By maintaining warmth and humidity levels, you can encourage plants to grow, enriching the life in your garden. Fortunately, greenhouses aren’t a one size fits all scenario. There are multiple variations of greenhouses, and by trying a DIY greenhouse project, you can create the perfect outdoor space for your garden and lifestyle. 

In this blog post, we’re sharing our top DIY greenhouse projects and how you can best utilise this space.

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Make Your Own DIY Greenhouse

Those who frequently engage in DIY projects might want to make a DIY greenhouse. Whilst this isn’t an easy project, it means you can create a bespoke building that perfectly suits your needs. Here are a few unique ways to design and build a greenhouse.

Create a removable covered greenhouse garden bed

If you don’t have much space, or you’re limited on resources, you might want to create a DIY removable covered greenhouse garden bed. Using an existing vegetable patch or bed in your garden, cover it with plastic sheeting or garden cloth. Create a tall arched frame using pipe clamps, chicken wire and wood. Attach the plastic sheeting or garden cloth tightly across the frame with a staple gun and wire. Position your DIY greenhouse cover securely over your soil patch, ready for the growing season.

CD case DIY greenhouse

One unique and innovative way to create a DIY greenhouse is to repurpose your old plastic CD cases. Few households still listen to CDS, leaving them taking up space and collecting dust. A DIY CD greenhouse recycles unwanted materials and provides your plants with the perfect home. 

Remove the CDs and packaging from the plastic casing. Stick the cases together using clear-dry glue. Remember to create a door or latch on your greenhouse so you can tend to your plants. And you’ve created a fully recycled, eco-friendly DIY greenhouse for your plants to enjoy!

Old window greenhouse

Take your DIY greenhouse one step further from old CDs and use old windows. You can source old wood and glass window frames for a cost-effective and one of a kind greenhouse.

This rustic design is increasingly popular among those who want to give their garden and outdoor space a traditional and rustic aesthetic. Once you’ve collected enough windows for your desired size greenhouse, you need to create an outer frame to hold them in place. After completing this frame, you can instal your windows and finish your DIY greenhouse with a door and roof that match the style. 

Although this DIY greenhouse might require extra work and more than one pair of hands, the outcome is extremely effective and might be the focal feature for your garden you’ve been searching for.

What To Use Your DIY Greenhouse For

Once you’ve created your one of a kind DIY greenhouse project, you need to start thinking about how you can best utilise this space. Outlined below are four popular ways to use your greenhouse.

Growing crops

One of the most popular uses for greenhouses is to grow crops. By creating a bespoke outside building, you have more control over its climate. Instead of purchasing a ready-made greenhouse, you can decide on the purpose of this space and create it to fit this accordingly. For example, there might be a certain fruit or vegetable you’d like to grow. Consider the climate this crop enjoys and tailor your greenhouse’s internal features and external location to suit this. Not only does this mean you’ll have fresh, delicious foods, but it’s also a sustainable initiative that will benefit the planet too. 

Dual space greenhouse

Your greenhouse isn’t just a space for your plants to enjoy; it’s somewhere you can relax too. By creating a dual-purpose greenhouse, you can benefit from an outside area to read, draw or simply sit and unwind.

To create a dual DIY greenhouse, you can section off a corner of the room for your enjoyment. Place a comfy chair and other pieces of furniture you may need in a location with a good view of the beautiful surrounding scenery. Adding blinds and electricity to your greenhouse can make it more comfortable and enjoyable.

Add an interior touch

Enhance your dual greenhouse by adding interiors that match inside the home. Make your DIY greenhouse an extension of your property and add furniture and accessories. Not only will this improve the appearance of your greenhouse, but it will also make it feel like a home away from home and a place you want to spend time appreciating.

Dry herbs and flowers

If you’re not interested in growing fresh crops, you can use your greenhouse to create other beautiful things. Drying flowers is a popular DIY project and interior feature. Pick your favourite flowers from your garden or greenhouse and spend time drying and tending to these to create beautiful bouquets. 

Key takeaway

A DIY greenhouse is a fun and hands-on project, perfect for all the family or for the solo gardener to enjoy. Pick from an array of different styles and decide which best suits you and your needs. Once you’ve created your perfect outdoor space, you can begin using it for a multitude of activities.

A greenhouse will transform your relationship with your garden. Happy gardening!


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