"If you have a garden in your library, everything will be complete." – Marcus Tullius Cicero, Letter to Varro, 1st century AD

DIY compost

Backyard Composting for Beginners

Whether you’re looking to reduce your kitchen or yard waste, or your want to create a nutrient rich amendment to guarantee a bountiful harvest from this year’s garden, learning how to compost in your backyard is an incredible tool to add to your DIY arsenal.  And while it may seem intimidating at first, composting at home is simple and easy to master if you understand a few basic tips.

How to grow a pollinator garden scaled

How to Attract and Help Pollinators

Bees and pollinators need our help to make a comeback and growing a pollinator-friendly home garden is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to help.  And if you think you need a large property to make an impact, think again.  Whether you have farm or a window box, if you follow a few simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to building a pollinator habit that bees and butterflies won’t be able to resist.

Gifts for Plant Lovers

8 Funny and Unique Gifts for Plant Lovers

Flowers and succulents can be great presents. But if your loved one is an absolute plant fanatic, you don’t want to give them something too obvious. Get them something that’s going to make them feel really special!

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