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6 Outstanding Ideas to Create Height in your Garden

Creating height in your garden is one of the best and easiest ways to make it more interesting and dynamic. Whether you have a backyard garden or a spacious lawn, there are multiple ways like physical structures, tall plants and hedges, hanging planters, raised beds, to create height. Height in your garden gives a solution to the problem of privacy and limited space. Get the benefit of these 6 outstanding ideas to create height in your garden.

1: Add Physical Structures to Create Height in your Garden

Physical structures are the supporting edges to hold or train plants so they can grow and get trained. You can use wooden or metal frames, sticks, rods, barriers, or anything like that; the purpose is to give a vertical stance and make the garden 2 dimensional. These three types of physical structures can take your garden to the next level. 


Trellis is more like an open framework of intersecting wood, bamboo, or metal that is made to support and display climbing plants, especially shrubs. If you love striking flowers or want to grow climbing fruit and vegetable varieties, trellises must be your favorite to use as a height garden. 


Nothing can beat the scope of garden arbors. They are also like frames but can provide shelter as their walls and roofs allow multiple fragrant vines to grow. Placing arbors in the landscape brings dramatic effect, and when used as garden entrances, they look fantastic. You can also grow roses and other plants that cannot grow without the support, and the blooms make the garden spellbound. 


If there is not any sitting arrangement in your garden, you must take advantage of the pergola. They are structures built from beams and posts to create a shaded walkway or sheltered area over a deck or patio. But the primary purpose of pergolas is to provide a focal point in a garden or outdoor space with their firm and tall arrangement. 

2: Make a Live Garden Wall to Create Height in your Garden

Have you ever heard of garden walls? These are not new in the garden world, but most home gardeners know little less about these walls. Living garden walls are a way to grow plants; yes, multiple plant varieties on the wall. Make a live garden wall if you want succulents, ferns, sedums, herbs, and vines in a single place. This wall also gives a central look, and you can use garden height in the best manner.  You can divide sections for different plants as per their need and grow accordingly. Similarly, if want a floral wall, you can make a contrasting appeal with multiple colored flowers. When different flowers bloom, your garden gets a life. 

3: Raised Garden Bed to Create Height in your Garden

If your back doesn’t allow bending more often, then raised garden beds are meant for you. These raised beds naturally make any plant look taller and change the view of the lawn. If you want to make it even higher, you can place raised beds on an elevated surface and get the required height. Above all, maintenance of plants is also easy in beds. Seeding, weeding, and pruning don’t hurt your back. 

4: Use a Hedge to Create Height in your Garden

Adding height in the garden with hedges is an excellent idea that reduces view and gives a feeling of privacy. Sometimes, outdoor areas feel so exposed that you cannot comfortably sit and have fun with your family. These hedges provide a visual barrier or backdrop for the landscape and solve privacy issues. Bamboo is one of the outstanding hedges that grow fast and long to create height garden. But, if you don’t want to grow bamboo for any reason, growing any shrub from holly to hydrangea can give this advantage. 

Similarly, if you want to be more creative with hedges, make a garden layout and decide whether you wish to grow hedges in straight lines, create curves or enjoy patterns. You can style your garden as you want. Usually, hedges are planted no more than 4 feet apart, so they quickly grow and make solid mass, but you can decide how to design and use height in your garden. 

5: Hang Baskets to Create Height in your Garden

If you want to have a spectacular garden view keeping in the budget, use hanging baskets or planters. You cannot find any better way than this idea, and most importantly, it is budget-friendly and space-friendly. Even if you live in an apartment and want to use height in the backyard garden, you can hang colored baskets and unique planters. The blooming flowers add instant interest, and they allow changing the display and varieties as often as you like. 

6: Make a Forest Garden to Create Height in your Garden

A forest garden is just like a dream come true. You can make the garden your best place to breathe in by planting trees, large shrubs, vines, and adding height with different angles. There is not any rule to follow a straight line. You can create a park-like atmosphere and spend the best days of your life. Although you have to be patient and wait for the trees to get height, but it will be rewarding. Otherwise, using multi-stored planting is also another option. 

In a forest garden, you can use all ideas that are discussed above. For example, make a sitting area with pergolas and surround it with arbors of other frames to give a cascading effect of blooming flowers. Similarly, dedicate a corner for a live wall, arrange raised beds, hang planters, enjoy your day in hedge privacy. The good news is you can have this dream place with little patience and some effort. 


So, have you marked your favorite ideas to create height in your garden? I’m sure you must be. Now it is time to transform flat land into a remarkable space with exciting plans!


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